Rise, Fall, Repeat #1


I’m not a big fan of zines created just for the hell of it, yet here’s a disorganized collection of poetry, amateur photography (before I really realized I wanted to pursue it), prose, and other scribbles serving as a collage of anxiety, depression, and all that good stuff.

You can read it before you buy it here, or just download it for free altogether:
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TRADES: Due to the amount of ink and pages that go into these zines, I cannot afford to do trades. Sorry.


"Coming across Isidro Fox by chance, I am more than pleased, and in awe of his work. He writes with such passion and emotion, that when readers allow themselves to be filled with his words—one is torn apart. Every fiber of ones being in invested within the pages, ever sentence more relatable than the last. Fox has the ability to spill his guts onto a piece of paper, and make it beautiful. Painfully beautiful. The raw emotion within the poems, exerts, and photography can leave one breathless. Each page tells a story; each page defines the breath you lost. Boundless fury, and abhorrence are evident surrounded tiny glimmers of hope. You want to throw your fist into a wall, but something inside you screams you should go and proclaim love at the top of your lungs. Our generation is one with the power to corrupt and change the world, Fox is a writer with the key to getting people to listen. "

"Each piece is dated, giving the effect of poignant dairy entries, and the photographs in the back they are set against in many ways follow the format of a scrapbook. The combination of the two weave a unapologetically honest account of the his life through both words and images in a very personal way, pulling the reader in so they can feel the impact of every emotion the writer himself did. His writing- simple, raw emotion from the soul set to paper- presents his scepticism and anger, coupled with a love for those around him that are hurt every day and do not receive their due justice. It this love that drives him to seek to defend himself and those he loves. Lamenting the world’s apathy at the many atrocities that are left unchecked, Fox nevertheless shows he maintains a fighting spirit that inspires others and offers hope."

- 18 page Zine, plus covers.
- Half-page
- Stapled
- 100% Recycled paper
- 1.1 Oz

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