Believe In Film - Fabric Patch


As some of you know, I started getting into film photography a couple of years ago and discovered a passion I never really explored and a community I always longed for. As a way of giving back, I've created this patch to merge this new art I've fallen in love with FoxAlive punk aesthetics. I will be making a video on how these are made, which will be put on my channel, as soon as I update the shop to contain more film related stuff.

Films not dead.


-This is a silk-screened, punk style patch.
-Slight variations in design will occur due to the hand-made nature of these items.
-Cloth patches are meant to be sewn onto clothes, not to be confused with iron-on, embroidered patches.
-I use water-based ink (more eco friendly than oil) for the designs themselves.

Patches can be sewn onto clothing, shirts, jackets, hats, totes, etc. for permanent placement or attached with safety pins for quick placement and removal.

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