FoxAlive Possibly Moving off Etsy

Some weeks ago, I recieved the following email from Etsy:


And without going into too many details, if this is the case, I will either be deactivating all my listings or doubling the price of some items. Why? Because while Etsy has been making a slew of changes in the past couple of years, and FoxAlive has survived much of it, the fact is that in recent months sales have slowed to a nil. Often, I'm in the red, and while I used to brush that off in the past when FoxAlive seemed worth-while - I've been more-or-less burnt out.

Despite the large fan-base I'm told exists, I can count on one hand the amount of times I've been given a shout-out that's helped the business grow, but can tell countless stories of customers draining my mental health and life in general taxing whatever spoons I used to keep the shop running.

With my recent discovery in a passion for photography, making work I feel I actually matters, it's hard to justify keeping the Etsy running when I could make more - both financially and spiritually - through photography.

I know this isn't what a business owner is supposed to share with people, but after 7 years of this game I'm tired of keeping my thoughts and feelings under wraps, especially when I've been removed - as a person - from what I've been creating for so long.

I may still continue making patches, but that all depends on the success of this stand-alone website and the support.